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Many of us, within our various roles and responsibilities, have asked or been asked the question:
"What does successful collaboration look like?"  
The intent of this survey is to capture the community pulse around this question.

Collaboration is a broad topic, encompassing everything from email to  instant messaging to real-time video communication. The questions were designed to focus not on the technologies involved, but to help us understand the business drivers behind them. Please answer the questions from your own personal perspective.

All responses are anonymous. This is not a lead-generation activity, and your profile and email will not be tracked or used for marketing purposes. This survey is part of a larger "Measuring Collaboration Success" initiative, which is a vendor-neutral activity being led by Beezy Inc ( with the help of a panel of collaboration experts and influencers across the SharePoint and Office 365 space. Our goal is to better understand how the community thinks about and defines "collaboration success."

If you would like to receive the raw results of the survey, at the end of the survey you will have the option to include your email -- but again, this will NOT be used for marketing purposes, and all email addresses will be deleted after the survey results have been forwarded.
How successful has your organization been in deploying and supporting collaboration solutions? *

In your opinion, how well do people within your organization collaborate? *

Rate on a scale of 1 (not well) to 5 (very well)

Have the goals and benefits of collaboration been clearly defined and articulated within your organization? *

Is collaboration considered a technology/IT issue, or a business issue? *

Rate 1 (viewed as IT issue) through 5 (business issue)

How much are collaboration efforts aligned with the business? *

Rate 1 (not aligned) through 5 (completely aligned).

Has your organization clearly identified measures that are used to identify "collaboration success?" *

(or, in other words, to identify whether or not collaboration efforts are successful?)

What does collaboration success look like to you? *

What key factors best lead to collaboration success, in general? *

What are the issues keeping your organization from successfully collaborating? *

Have you or your company ever created a formal collaboration strategy or campaign? If so, what methodology did you use? *

In your own words, how does your management / leadership team view collaboration, and the value it provides?

What advice would you give a team embarking on their first collaboration effort?

To help us better understand your perspective, please answer a few quick demographic questions:

What is your role in the organization? *

Select the role that best fits

What is your level of experience on the collaboration solutions in use within your organization? *

What is the size of your organization? *

In which region are you located? *

Finally, if you would like to receive the raw data results of this survey, please enter your email here.

Once again, this information will not be used for sales or marketing purposes, and will be deleted once the survey results have been shared.
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